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I’ve officially gone off-dish


Because of where I live out here in the hills, everything is via dish, not cable. The original decision to cut it off was to save money. And it was finally, my decision. I decided to turn off both satellite internet and Direct TV. I make the point that it was my decision because I didn’t get disconnected by the provider. That said, I was behind on the bills because I’ve been pretty damned broke of late. I had to make some changes, stop spending on something, at least for a while because there just wasn’t enough money at the end of each month. “Wasn’t enough,” in the sense of “none at all.”

The thing of it is, though, when I finally decided to just cut it off, it was such a relief! I went from feeling forlorn about having to cut corners to instantly feeling very liberated. Not because I don’t love me some internet and teebee but that’s two less bills and a fair amount of money to not hand over to someone else every month. A relief to realize that no, I won’t die without cable and internet. It will be different but I’ll deal. The amusing thing is that threatened loss of service is the leverage used to make people pay the bill, but then when I called and said, “OK, cut it off,” it’s suddenly, “We don’t want to lose you as a customer. We’ll work with you. Blah blah blah. Are you sure you want to … da da da daaaaa … disconnect?”

Luckily, in reality, I’m not so disconnected.  In addition to my Blackberry for email and text-based news, weather, etc.,  I have a fairly abundant supply of free wi-fi between work and surprising (or not) quite a few places here in town. It is just a question of making new habits and routines to make use of it and getting accustomed to not having it at home whenever I need it. This little blog will continue plodding along, which is why I’ve been getting up to speed learning how to use ecto.

TV, on the other hand, I miss. Which is a sign I needed to let it go for a while. Oh well, there’s still Netflix.

And music.

And that reading books thing.


3 Responses

  1. I quit DirecTV today about two early because they messed up my bill again. I’m going ot miss Keith and the sports however I was paying nearly $60 a month and that was just too much.

    I also noticed that Dish Network doesn’t offer MSNBC.

  2. Just $60? Must be a different rate structure because you had all that fancy sports package programming.!!
    Technically I just suspended the acct for six months.

  3. I tried to go the suspend it route however they kept charging me. Today they said they wouldn’t refund unless I canceled the acct. When I canceled they said they didn’t give refunds to canceled accounts.

    So DirecTV, has my $61 and won’t give it back.

    I so wish cable or something would get out here.

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