I see the Barbara Jordan audio posts are getting yet another wave of listeners. Excellent! That’s why I put them back up in the top of the sidebar- just click on the great lady and you’ll get the posts. Or, if you just want the Impeachment material:

“There is no president of the United States that can veto that decision.”

“My faith in the Constitution is whole.”

“We know the nature of Impeachment. We’ve been talking about it a while now.”

“Indignation so great as to overgrow party interests.”

And finally:

The rest of the hearing remarks are all here. It’s a longer clip than the others but honestly, there is not a good place to cut it.

This is Barbara Jordan on the killing floor.

This was a woman who understands history, who illustrates time and again that we are, with every action, with every syllable, cutting the past away from the present.

She never mentions Nixon by name. There is the Constitution. There is the office of the Presidency. But Richard Nixon the president has already ceased to exist. By the time she finishes speaking, he is history.

“A President is impeachable if he attempts to subvert the Constitution.”

It’s gratifying that those posts get steady hits, with intermittent waves of high numbers of page loads. People don’t just want that voice, they want that clarity of leadership, they want a Congress with some guts.

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  1. I’ve either pirated your stuff or tried to point people your way — you decide.

    Thanks for collecting this stuff on Barbara Jordan, and thanks especially for reposting it now. Especially with the audio links, this is a wonderful trove of material for students of Texas history and U.S. history. Thank you. Thank you.

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