All I really need


I’ve often said my home life resembled a George Booth cartoon, with various and numerous animals laying about and standing around in the background, scratching themselves. One thing that is interesting to me about my current constellation of companions is how well they get along with each other. That has not always been my experience with multiple pets and boy! does it make things easier when they do. Sure, there’s some trash-talking and pestering, even the occasional hiss or growl, but in general, it’s a peaceable kingdom. I can’t imagine daily life without this bunch.

On a related note: join me in a moment of silence to memorialize Alfie’s soon-to-be-departed balls.¬† He’s at the vet’s as we speak. Testosterone be gone!

2 Responses

  1. your children are beautiful. you reproduce beautifully, doll.

  2. […] that post about how well “all my children” got along? Well, allow me to make an amendment. The […]

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