Bad seed cat blogging

alfie pink

Alfie, in a moment of completely illusory innocence. Speaking of such things, maybe it’s just me, but doesn’t this shade of pink recall Lolita?

Remember that post about how well “all my children” got along? Well, allow me to make an amendment. The little b/w angel above has been acting a right shite of late. I thought it was testosterone and neutering would alleviate the worst of it. It may be too early to tell about that, since it was just last week. But damn, what a little punkass hooligan he’s been this week. Worse, he’s starting to make life miserable for the older cat, The Dude himself, pacifist giant Ira. One moment they are snuggling and grooming each other, the next, Alfie’s trying to bite off Ira’s ear.

Maybe it’s just been the moon.


One Response

  1. what a shana punim. awww, so beautiful. juice could be quite a prick sometimes… oy, such a pain in the ass, and like you, I loved every minute of it.

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