Damn! Pink Lady makes the bigs

Eileen, head barmaid Editor in Chief over at In the Pink Texas (if you don’t read it, you’re a humorless loser) has been appointed first-ever editor of TexasMonthly.com.

Thankfully, ITPT will supposedly continue as is.

Congrats and huzzah!

Friday Chupacabra blogging


My office is having a chupacabra party today. As anyone who’s worked in a large office knows, bureaucrats in a pack will go to great lengths to find any excuse for eating five-layer dip at 8:30 AM.

Of course, our excuse is not quite as flimsy as usual, as one of our guests of honor will be an esteemed colleague, friend, ally, and self-described “Rodney Dangerfield of science.”

Uh oh, my plate’s empty. Back to the break room ….