Schmucks 0, Athenae 732

For those about the truth, we denounce you!

No patriotism for you!

Thankfully, A. once again holds up her THEY HATE YOU!™ sign.

No matter what you denounce or don’t denounce. No matter what you say or don’t say. It’s not about you at all, you see, you snivelling, principle-free hacks. It’s not even remotely about you, so just drop your narcissisistic shitbag thing where you think that by making the rest of us uncouth Democrats smaller you make yourself bigger. We all look the same to them. And if you’re not a Republican, I don’t care what else you call yourself, a Moose or what have you. If you’re not with them, remember, you’re against them, so if you wanna eat weenies at their party, that’s who you are. You step out of line, and if you think your gestures to their points of view buy you any more slack than the DFH’s get, you’re so advanced in lying to yourself you get 45 automatic college credits in it.


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