Get in the van! Friday lesbo stand up blogging

Partly because in retrospect, I realize I’ve been posting a lot of tear-inducing stuff lately (Estrogen! You’re soaking in it!) and partly because I’ve been searching for one particular Bill Hicks video for a future post and partly because of this post by Racy last night, I started looking for vids of some of my favorite comics, specifically queer ones. Unfortunately, a lot of them can’t be imbedded here at the [gong sound]Wordpress Temple of Pristine and Sanitized Code[/gong], but I did dig up one from Erin Foley, who I adore. She’s funny as hell and damn hot, a deadly combination for me. Seriously, this woman could kidnap me in the gay van anytime.

What a Republican doing the right thing looks like

San Diego’s Republican mayor Jerry Sanders, reversing his stand on gay marriage. Few politicians, let alone Republicans, are ever this open and brave about anything. Bravo, Mister Mayor.