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Happy Birthday, Boss

Reagan’s speech put him on the spot, and it didn’t take Springsteen long to make his move. Twenty minutes into his first show afterwards, in Pittsburgh on Sept. 21, he stopped to say, “The president was mentioning my name the other day and I kinda got to wondering what his favorite album musta been. I don’t think it was the Nebraska album. I don’t think he’s been listening to this one.” Then he went into “Johnny 99,” his song about an auto worker whom unemployment drives to murder. Later, Springsteen spoke of walking the Capitol Mall from the Lincoln Memorial to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, concluding, “It’s a long walk from a government that’s supposed to represent all of the people to where we are today. It seems like something’s wrong out there where there’s a lotta stuff being taken away from a lotta people that shouldn’t have it taken away from [them]. And sometimes it’s hard to remember that this place belongs to us–that this is our hometown.”


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  1. It belongs to us? Coulda fooled me.

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