“I think you’re just the same, I think you’re even worse”

Now: story time! Christy and FDL reader john from sacramento break it down and sound it out for the Dems:

They took our money, our work, and our votes which gave them a win, and they’ve since treated us with disdain. Keep it up and they’ll find that they’re standing all alone with no help and no hats.

The moral of the story: You want my vote? My phone banking time? My door knocking abilities? My knowledge of my community — and that of every person who reads here or any other online blog or for any other progressive political group? You earn it. Every damn day.

Something extremely remedial is needed for sure. From where I stand here on the side of the playground, still stunned at the MoveOn pile-on and the spectacle of spineless Dems helping to sweep eavesdropping under the rug by granting the telecoms immunity, I’m growing more bitterly disappointed day by day. Actually, I passed bitter disappointment a while back. It feels more like a derisive cynicism state of mind

Just because they’re wrong, it doesn’t make you right
You sold out for a song, you sell out every night.
You’re never gonna break, you never gonna bend
The tack you’re gonna take is tough to defend

So what’s the skinny anyway?
What’s this line drawn in the sand?
Is this your flag?

-Frotus Caper, Cool is a Curse


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