Ignition: The initiation of combustion.


Above, where I’d left the car while I took the photo, below.


After returning to the car I discovered that the looming ignition repair I’d been forestalling with a can of wd-40 and a prayer all month was now at hand.

380 simoleons….


5 Responses

  1. 380, that’s kinda ouchey. Hang in there – How long can you fight off a new(er) car?

  2. Great! now you’ve jinxed me!!

    Do.Not.Want.to.think.about.el nuevo automobile.

    back! shhhhhhh!

    off to buy chicken feathers….

  3. stunning photographs!

  4. […] at home too. Plus! My “check engine” light has gone on. I blame Racy for the jinx. The chicken feathers obviously didn’t […]

  5. That bottom pic is a nice one, V.

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