Our myths choose us

I have, during the course of my life, been the member of many groups that have been well away from the center. In fact, sometimes this seems to be an intrinsic part of my lot. Geek, queer, high school marching band, mac user, etc. It has been my experience that these little “bands of buggered” have taught me much about irony. Most of my best friends have been met this way and a lot of my identity comes from these affiliations, that ironic secret comradeship that comes from sharing the sense of no matter what the mainstream says, not matter that the central one thing that keeps us from the mainstream/popular/big stage is most likely Never.Gonna.Happen.Ever, that we are still right and good, and possibly better, for ending up here in this offcenter space together.

An excellent BTVS fic writer once dismissed a long well-reasoned comment I made in some fic forum in the past with, “You Buffy/Willow shippers are just….so….cute!” If I recall correctly, she even included a smiley.

©Dark Horse Comics

So, as the squeeeees!!! about the above S8/10 cover bounce from one inbox to another, and we once once again wonder whether this will be it or not, I send all my comrades on the sturdy little ship Wiffy tonight a reminder that we are, after all, still right and good, as is our version of the myth.


4 Responses

  1. “You Buffy/Willow shippers are just….so….cute!” I can’t believe someone actually had the audacity to say that. It’s so condescending and offensive.

    These are the freaks that have no regard or appreciation for tolerance. But for those who dare to think differently and celebrate the lens they see life through, the advancements in technology and art in all mediums would not exist as we know it today.

    PS: You’re a fab dame, so wtf?!

  2. Yeah, as if the stolid, boxed “sane” people don’t think ALL fanfic writers (or “textual pirates”) no matter what their muse is, are pathetic.
    But she was still a good writer, so I cut her the slack

  3. you’re a menschy dame!

  4. Hey- thanks from my heart for plugging me at First Draft. I have written from an angry place and I haven’t been too sure if what I say is hitting any sweet spots at all. I went ahead and published some stuff I had saved, and also gathered the posts into a mini-blog at Pam’s place.

    You rock. I have always thought so.

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