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Wine bar blogging, post-angst

Re: not having internet access, from-the-glass-is-half-full side of things, what doesn’t suck is there are some nice places to sit and suction the broadband. Currently esconced at the local groovy winebar, listening to R&B and sipping a heartbreakingly good Shiraz.

First time I’ve had to relax in days.

Finishing up my Naturalist certification volunteer hours, I pulled a megashift for the mothership this weekend at the annual Expo. 60,ooo+ visitors – like a music festival, except for outdoorism. “Life’s better outdoors” was the theme. I wager about 45K of that was children and I think I dealt with all of them. While it’s heartening to have children lined up three deep to hear about native plants and animals, it was teh exhausting-k. A typical exchange, during the “What’s in YOUR backyard?” game:

“Anyone know what color a cardinal is?

Chorus of voices: “RED!!!!!”

“Excellent. Okay, can you pick out the picture of a cardinal?”


Pointing to picture. Of cardinal. Ask “UmmmmKay, anyone know the name of this bird?

Hands shoot up, voices shout: “BLUE jay!!!!!!”

That, and having earnest discussions about water recycling, deer-resistant plants, beneficial snakes and insects, wildlife tax exemptions and other “grown up” topics from walk-ups, was most of my weekend, and that was after pulling an all night shift at the second job on Friday.

Day job? Mega crazy as usual. So much fun being “one deep,” when you are the one.

Then…. then…

last night, just at twilight, Jeebs the parrot, who’s been exceptionally hormal of late, decided to fly away during our usual sunset tete a tete before he goes down for the night. My fault, for a variety of reasons. Luckily, the cats were instantly on the job, like a pair of coonhounds, locating the tree he landed in, looking at me with enthusiasm, “OK, can we finally kill him now?”

Four trees and two hours later, cats inside house, ladder and flashlight employed, still no resolution. He wanted to be rescued and was trying his best to fight his instincts, but every time, I’d get inches away (either via ladder, via climbing, or bending branches down, then he’d panic and fly to the next tree. Meanwhile it’s getting later and later. Birds that aren’t nightbirds go into a trancelike state once the sun goes down. Their batteries are worn out. So, he was getting tireder and tireder and more panicky. A screech owl was nearby and that scared him one last time, up and over the fence into the crazy, drunk redneck homeschooling neighbors’ yard. I lost him as he flew over their house and into a bank of high trees. I knew, given the state he was in, he’d likely stay where he was and just sleep the night, so I crawled back over the fence and went home and started working on the “Lost Parrot” posters.

I went out at dawn to the cul de sac in front of the neighbors’ house compound. They’d obviously passed out without shutting things down- the garage was wide open, with local country AM spilling out out into the dawn (KVET, Sam and Bob, for Austinites who recognize).

As the sun came up, I started calling, using “our” song, the call and response he chose when he was a baby- the second bar of the Andy of Mayberry theme. After only a couple of minutes, I heard a frantic trill of “Heyyyy, baby! Helllloooooo! Whatcha doing?!!!

He was on a shelf in the garage, and very glad to see me. Took him home and all was well. Am awaiting to see if he begins to sing Brooks and Dunn tunes, or some other such drivel.

So… an exhausting couple of days, no? Kind of exhausting being one deep at home too. Plus! My “check engine” light has gone on. I blame Racy for the jinx. The chicken feathers obviously didn’t work.

Bar’s closin’, time to head to the house…..


4 Responses

  1. I am still very happy Mr Jeebs made it home. I couldn’t sleep that night worrying about you both.

  2. If I’d known you were up, I could have had you making Lost Parrot posters!

  3. Hey!

    Glad your parrot is safe.

    he looming ignition repair I’d been forestalling with a can of wd-40 and a prayer all month was now at hand.

    I must have some powerful jinxin’ if I overcame the magic of WD-40

  4. I am so relieved parrina is ok. I was on high alert reading your post.

    You’re such a menschy dame, such a do-gooder. I’m surprised so many teens turned out for the outdoorism event. it seems so greeny adult, no?

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