“They sooooo need some censorship!”

The above just overheard here at the new little coffeeshop (Kipp’s Coffee) in town. The three 20-whatsits, a male and two females, next to me are enthusing about The Office. Of course, they mean the American one, I immediately get that. Then one of them brings up the original version and all three groan and giggle, and one of them actually says the above. “They sooo need some censorship!” They continue: The language, the humor. “It’s so mean!” “I can’t believe what they get away with over there, it’s just ….. TMI!”

In short, icky foul language and complicated stuff. Please don’t make us have to think while we laugh.

It gets better. Turns out the one who is begging for censorship of her media is a teacher.

Three young and obviously well-educated (at least in the most-common-denominator sense of the word) American citizens seriously, without irony, wishing for censorship. “Please Jesus, send us down some repression. Our freedoms are so hard for our minds to bear.”

Boggles the mind. What pretty little idiots they are, too.


One Response

  1. that is so fucking shameful. A TEACHER! it’s even worse coming from an educator. wrong.wrong.wrong.

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