“Fundamental to life” – Special showing of The Unforeseen

If you’re anywhere in the Central Texas area on October 27 or 28, you definitely don’t want to miss this:

The Corral Theatre in Wimberley, Texas, is having a sneak preview of award-winning Austin director Laura Dunn’s new film, “The Unforeseen,” on October 27 and 28

Sponsoring the film is the Wimberley Valley Watershed Association. Tickets for the Saturday screening, which features Dunn in a Q&A session, are $20. Proceeds benefit the nonprofit Hays County Community Action Network. Tickets for the Sunday show are $5. The theater opens at 6:30p.m., and the film starts at 7:30 p.m. Movie goers may need to bring a sweater and lawn chair for this special screening.

The late Governor Ann Richards in The Unforeseen. “I don’t know what the technology is going to be that saves them.”

On a related note, Ruth tackles the same issue over at Cab Drollery

“It’s a goddamn beautiful day, shut up!” *

I’ve been humming this song all day, I think probably because today’s the first day that’s seemed like fall has arrived. It’s overcast, misty and foggy, very Grey Gardens weather.

Also because I’m such a total hag for Rufus Wainwright, and because it’s such a gorgeous melody. Can this man write the hell out of a song or what?

In related news, a new documentary by Albert Maysles about the making of the theatrical musical Grey Gardens, which is based on the classic 1976 Maysles Brothers documentary, opens this week at the Hamptons International Film Festival.

[I have to give it up to Mizrahi, he really pulls off the rapt-diva-leaning-on-baby-grand act pretty well. Better than I could…]

*Big Edie Bouvier Beale