Lunch break video: melodramática y romántica

Marlango, “Hold Me Tight”

Posted only because I am very busy and I got nothing else and who doesn’t like a nice little music vid?

As opposed to because I harbor any sort of shallow physical attraction to Almodóvarette/actress/singer Leonor Watling.

I mean, really.


Just banish the thought.

Because it’s just not true.

At all.



2 Responses

  1. I enjoyed the video, and it had nothing to do with wanting to roll her up in a large warm flour tortilla. The tub of butter in the corner is just a coincidence too.

  2. I’m glad to see others are as dis-interested as I am.

    Did you see “Talk to Her?” I love me some Almodovar, but if I was a nurse, I think that movie would have fucked with my head.

    So, where does one get a human-sized flour tortilla anyway?

    Does HEB carry those?

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