No more deals

What Thers says. And no, it’s not just him.

Dunno if I’ll vote for Dodd. Dunno if I’ll even have the chance. But I will say this, to any Democratic strategist reading this post, contemplating some balancing act about how to handle 2008:

If you concede on habeas corpus, if you concede on ending the war, if you concede on bringing troops home, if you concede on FISA, if you concede on waterboarding, if you concede on holding this misbegotten failure of an administration accountable for their abuses, if you give one more goddamn inch

Come 2008, I aim to misbehave.

More knitting!

Knitta drove up from Houston to accompany KnitKnit author Sabrina Gschwandtner at the Maker Faire. As previously noted here, everyone’s back in Houston today for the do at Domy.



I really would recommend this book even if Genius Niece wasn‘t on the cover.

dote (dt)intr.v., To show excessive fondness or love:


Genius Niece, currently experiencing an abundance of successes. Bunches of stuff she’s been working on is coming to fruition in spectacular ways and I couldn’t be happier for her. It’s a great time to be a doting auntie.

Maker Faire fotos

Hooking up with the Genius Niece, I ended up unexpectedly attending Make magazine’s Maker Faire in Austin yesterday, along with several thousand other people. The Faire is also going on today, and is highly recommended. These few pix don’t even begin to describe the scope of offerings. Gettin’ there details here. Fun is to be had, I promise. Yay, robots!


robots x



Drivin’ round pitchers

While gassing up @ Bubba’s on FM1826

Anticipating the annual pumpkin worshiping festival yesterday in Wimberley.

My dog already knew


Amazed by the warm reaction of the audience, Rowling, on her first US tour in seven years, joked: ‘Just imagine the fan fiction now.’

What’s not to love here?

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