More knitting!

Knitta drove up from Houston to accompany KnitKnit author Sabrina Gschwandtner at the Maker Faire. As previously noted here, everyone’s back in Houston today for the do at Domy.



I really would recommend this book even if Genius Niece wasn‘t on the cover.


2 Responses

  1. It’s too bad this is the 7 nights ON part of my schedule, it looks fun and I haven’t even been to the Domy Books…maybe next 7 OFF stretch… sigh

  2. Domy def. Recommended. I would think a pop culture maven like you would find it lots of fun. GN’s boyfriend runs it and he’s a mensch and a half.
    7 Nights On? Ugggh. I know you are used to such but it sounds like the twilight zone. Nights shifts are new to me-one kicks my ass

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