Radio Free Blackberry:. Mother and Child reunion

Tuesday is trash day. In the pre-dawn chill out in the driveway, before hauling the container to the street, I do a sweep of the car, scrabbling out the straws, cups, and other bits and pieces that have gathered on the floorboards and under the seats.
And there! My fingers encounter it- the prodigal gadget missing for months, presumed lost forever. Despite repeated earlier searches under all the seats, in the house, at work, bags, purse, backpack, it had eluded me till this morning, this wily little shrimp of a Bluetooth earpiece.
We have had a problematic relationship from the start. I was embarassed to pay $ for such a thing and the whole point of the Blackberry was to combine communication tasks down into one gadget; I was pissed that I needed this earpiece to talk on the phone successfully. But given the ratio of time I spend behind the wheel, handsfree phoneage was a safety issue, so I shelled out for this little doohickey of a thing only to lose it a few months later and have to rely on speakerphone for handsfree, which involved far too much shouting.
But there it was, rattled out of hiding at last.Dusty, musty and smelling faintly of french fries, it just needed a charge before resuming its duty.
And after all that, I didn’t get a single phone call today…