No more

What? What?

Stumbled across this blast from the ancient teevee past and giggled because it’s exactly what cell service is like at my house.


I don’t have a land line, just the cell and because of being out in the hills, reception is often a crap shoot. It’s like that all over town for that matter- I’ve noticed lots of people standing out in their yards and driveways straining to hear/talk on their phones. A friend of mine can’t get “bars” at all but her son achieves success, by climbing up on the roof.

“As insignificant as I should be”



“Okay, I’ll do a damn lot count!”

Music for Jaded Democrats


Kicking off a new series with a bit of a retread may not be great form, but hey, it’s not like Pete Stark would recognize great form if it hit him in the face with a stick (or whatever it was Pelosi did that made him do the groveling thing).

Now the hammer’s in your hand, revenge is yours

Besides it’s a great song.