Music for Jaded Democrats


Kicking off a new series with a bit of a retread may not be great form, but hey, it’s not like Pete Stark would recognize great form if it hit him in the face with a stick (or whatever it was Pelosi did that made him do the groveling thing).

Now the hammer’s in your hand, revenge is yours

Besides it’s a great song.


2 Responses

  1. Hi,
    In an act of sad desperation I googled my old band Frotus Caper and came across this page. Glad my song struck a cord. Wondering who you are and how you found it?

  2. Joe,

    I was introduced to your stuff by an old buddy who is a Portland native and has, through the years, turned me on to a number of his local favorites. This song grabbed me the moment I heard it and it’s been on my iPod ever since.

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