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Radio Free Blackberry: OMFG-Opera mini! Edition

Okay, so in all honesty, I was under the belief that as a T-Mobile customer, I couldn’t use Opera mini as my browser for Blackberry. I don’t know/remember why that belief was so vehement, but whatever, boy, was I wrong.

The Opera Mini browser is now installed and …just, damnnnnnnnn….it’s like night and day!

I can read Digby now! I can even see the Halo-scan comments at the powder blue breadbox/aka the crack den.

It’s making me….. well, moist, at the very least….

Radio Free Blackberry posting is revolutionized! Viva la Opera mini!

Ironically, the only site on the virgotext blogroll that doesn’t work with Opera is Sinfonian

UPDATED: I seem to have used an embargoed word. Oh my….


4 Responses

  1. Connectivity is sexy, isn’t it?

  2. We’re glad to hear that you’re really enjoying Opera Mini. 🙂

    Opera Software

  3. Ironically, the only site on the virgotext blogroll that doesn’t work with Opera is Sinfonian

    Really? Crap. Sorry about that. I’ve no idea why, and I’m not skilled enough to fix it.

    I have used Opera on my PC, but maybe I’ll try it for my Blackberry, too. That is, if I can salvage it. 😉

  4. Yeah, too bad about your ‘berry in the wash. Like I posted at your place, hurts to behold.

    Re opera mini and your site, I’m guessing that you wonderful collection of widgets is the likely culprit. My knowledge is about an inch deep, so take with a large helping of salt-as I understand it, Opera mini is not a “browser” in the true sense of the word but rather some kind of (hybridized?) Java app that renders pages utilizing a server set up.
    The opera mini site has more info and some demos. I’d definitely recommend checking it out- it’s pretty amazing. There are some things that at first don’t seem intuitive and there is (for me) one huge limitation- no cut and paste of text, which limits what you can do blog-wise, but how much serious blogging can you do from a Berry anyway?
    However, the pluses really outweigh the minuses. You can load websites you’d never try on your old mobile browser- the New York Times, fer chrissake.
    If you load it you’ll probably have to tweak your APN settings- what you have to do for your particular phone should be on their site in the Settings section.

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