Wake Up Call

“there are few as powerful in a negotiation as those who understand their value and are prepared to walk away. For decades, progressive activists have been hocking their agenda as though at a fire sale.”

This from a good piece by Gary Younge in The Guardian that compares Republicans and Democrats, and their relationships with their political candidates.

Contrasting the zealous courting of the Religious Right last week by the leading R candidates with the blatant disregard shown by the 3 leading Dems for the massive anti-war demos this weekend, Younge says:

“At the weekend, well over 100,000 anti-war protesters gathered around the country to protest about the occupation of Iraq. The demands of the demonstrations chimed with the views of most Americans.

Polls show a consistent and substantial majority oppose the war and want the troops withdrawn immediately or soon. Indeed, at 34%, the proportion of Americans who support the war is identical to the proportion polled last week who believe in ghosts and UFOs.

Despite Iraq remaining the number one priority among voters, none of the leading Democratic presidential contenders appeared at any of the marches.”

Younge doesn’t just blame the Dem pols for the sad state of affairs, but ultimately the voters who continue to support them

The fire sale metaphor’s apt for sure but personally I think it’s more like we keep playing chicken with zombies. We keep drawing our lines in the sand, telling them that this time we really mean it and they plod and lumber along toward 2008, more or less ignoring our stridency.

So we board ourselves up in the farmhouse and bitch and moan some more about how we’re trapped.

We know how it ends. So why not walk out of this movie into another one with a different plot?

‘Course what we don’t know is whether the zombies will even realize we left….