Lazy afternoon link cultivation


Is dolma the singular of dolmade?


Whatever, it/they was/were delicious (licks fingers). Others can have their chocolate and strawberries but as far as I’m concerned, the higher the ratio of olive oil, garlic, chickpeas, and feta, the more sensual the feast.

Off early for the afternoon, have to work at Job Two tonight, just enjoyed this leisurely Mediterranean buffet, am now savoring a coffee as second-hand hookah bar smoke wafts in from the adjacent room. The midday Colbert re-run is also wafting in, not exactly in context but I should grateful it’s not Fox News.

People, rest assured that I AM working hard for you even as I sit here on my ass, mooching wi-fi and drinking joe.

Well, if you must know, I am, as we speak, attempting one last time to embed the recalcitrant Chupacabra Revealed!” video. I don’t know if it’s the video, the host, or the connection that’s not down with the plan but I’m about to give up and just link to it. UPDATED: Punted and went for the link. Aside from the media clown, there are two people in this video. One is a friend of mine, he’s good people, a respected and dedicated scientist who has, for the most part, enjoyed his walk on the absurd side of the street for a few months. The other? Well, this is just my opinion and does in no way reflect the view of any mid-sized educational institution I may or may not be affiliated with, but, not to put too fine a point on it, can I just say…cough, cough… “opportunistic freak?” …cough.

In the Pink Texas does up some chupacabra too.

Really, that’s all anyone around here is talking about today, which is sad given Scout’s story on shameful payout – or lack thereof – by Texas of hurricane aid to families hard hit by Hurricane Rita. “Accurate” my fat ass, Goodhair.

On a related note, Redneck Mother’s post Ignoring Miss Welty, has nothing to do with chupacabras but instead muses on the vapidity and flaccidity of the television news that would rather eat that kind of crap up than, well, report the news.

Racy continues to plow through Shock Doctrine and reports back. Is it suddenly chilly in here or was that just a snowflake…?

Via Open Left, a cheery sight.

I saw and heard these lovely people –Rattletree Marimba– late last Saturday night, okay possibly early Sunday, during the grand opening of the new Side Yard space at my main wi-fi fueling spot, the Whatever cafe. (Does your internet cafe have live chickens in the yard? I thought not…)

I hadn’t planned on going. I had already settled in with a book and some wine at home for the evening but decided to mix it up a bit and drove back down into town to see what was going on. Didn’t stay too long but definitely got the spirit while there. It was cold and late and not many people were left but those that were all dancing. It’s that kind of music. If you don’t decide to shake your moneymaker, it will just start without you.


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