Careless whispers: FISA & warrantless surveillance

Retired AT&T technician and now telecom whistleblower Mark Klein:

“If they’ve done something massively illegal and unconstitutional — well, they should suffer the consequences,” Klein said. “It’s not my place to feel bad for them. They made their bed, they have to lie in it. The ones who did [anything wrong], you can be sure, are high up in the company. Not the average Joes, who I enjoyed working with.”

TPMuckraker and Firedoglake (here and here) both have great posts up today about the pending review by the Senate Judiciary Committee of the surveillance bill passed by the intelligence committee last month.

Christy, below. “Major news service reporters” and “utter lack of understanding?” How very surprising…..

Earlier in the week, I was on a media call with the ACLU, EFF and others involved in the FISA litigation with AT&T, Verizon and other telecoms. There were a number of major news service reporters on the call as well, a number of them reporters who have been covering this story for quite some time.

And, frankly, I was appalled at the utter lack of understanding of what is contained in the FISA law in terms of requirements and criminal sanctions for violations, warrant and subpoena issues. And by the paucity of background on the legal process which has always required that lawful warrants be issued, and that said warrants be signed off by a third-party review from a judge to determine whether the request is both lawful and necessary.

These folks were covering all the he said/she said political angles on the legislation without having any real background in legal process or what the FISA law actually requires. It was either astonishingly bad preparation, laziness or outright incomprehension. No idea which.

The Gossip: Careless Whispers


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