Poetry blogging: “You’re what the autumn knew would happen”

peppermint patty feet

Adrienne Rich

November 1968

you’re beginning to float free
up through the smoke of brushfires
and incinerators
the unleafed branches won’t hold you
nor the radar aerials

You’re what the autumn knew would happen
after the last collapse
of primary color
once the last absolutes were torn to pieces
you could begin

How you broke open, what sheathed you
until this moment
I know nothing about it
my ignorance of you amazes me
now that I watch you
starting to give yourself away
to the wind


3 Responses

  1. you know how desperately wild for adrienne rich I am. she cuts through me like a knife, that’s how much she inspires me as a woman and as a writer. I love ha’hahd.

  2. I do know and I’ve done at least four adrienne rich posts, three of which were, in part, with you in mind.

  3. where are those posts and why haven’t I seen them?!?!?! I know that you were going to write about her, too. I want to see them. Why have I missed them?

    THANK YOU! please e-stalk me the links. Oh, wait, I bet I can do a search on your blog for adrienee rich posts. hang-a-mo.

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