From the department of “heh…”

I am not a person much interested in sports news, so this is likely the only link ever on this blog to The Duke Basketball Report.

H/T to my homegirl Ivy, who adds:”but what makes it interesting is that the Duke Basketball Report is a very conservative leaning site.”

The other thing to watch for is the emergence of a second post player. Kyle Singler has firmly established himself as the best of Duke’s big men but it remains to be seen who steps up for that other spot. Dave McClure, Lance Thomas, and Brian Zoubek are vying for the position along with King or the possibility of Duke playing the smallest lineup in the Top 25 with Paulus/Smith, Nelson, Henderson, Scheyer, and Singler. The latter is something that most fans would want to avoid if possible. For that to happen one of the 4 bigger players needs emerge. For McClure that may mean just working his way back from injury. For King it means he has to be able to shoot better as that’s the strongest aspect of his game. For Thomas it means he has to be able to rebound and defend without fouling. And for Zoubek he has to cut down on the turnover problems he had from last season when his pivot foot bounced around like Sen. Larry Craig’s in an airport bathroom stall.


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