Inch by inch vs. act like it’s an emergency because it is

I missed the FDL book salon with Naomi Wolf whilst I was lurching about being a bloviating zombie.  The book, of course, is her The End of America: A Letter of Warning to a Young Patriot.  

” in Germany in the beginning — in a parliamentary democrachy — everyone was aware that each step was small, they adjusted, they adapted…until the point of resistance was past.”

That’s Wolf in the comments. The discussion centers on the normalizing by a citzenry  of the “mission creep” that incrementally nibbles away at their civil liberties (which they probably aren’t exercising that much to begin with).

Go read. 

This statement of Jane’s  about “dangerous trends” did my heart good (in a blood chilling sort of way):

This is one of the reasons we get so indignant when well-funded advocacy groups like NARAL or the HRC start seeing their interests as aligned with the DC establishment when it comes into conflict with actually defending the causes they purport to espouse — it’s a very bad sign for a lot of reasons.

Damn straight.

Wolf’s final comment:

What do we do? Investigate. Prosecute. Share this information with everyone -so it becomes the norm to see this rather than the exception. enlist evangelicals. Enlist conservatives and libertarians. Those of you who live in New York — show up with us next dec 6 at noon! others contact Barbara -=- now it is Send money for the Freedom Chest. see yourself as the agent of change. We can turn it around but to sdo so we need to act like it is an emergency because it is.

If you haven’t yet, see also this video, below.  


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