Sisters of mercy, or a mind is a terrible thing to race

When bloggers collide:

An innocent enough beginning: Tex-Mex, frozen alcoholic beverages, cotton bolls….



Later, a new plan. The only good thing about this band was the redheaded fiddle player. We didn’t stay long.


Still later, fear and loathing on SoCo.


“What day is this?”


Later still….At the Continental, a lovely young real estate agent may have actualy sold a house to racy. She also bought us a round and categorically confirmed that it was indeed Wednesday.


I was talking to the real estate agent and didn’t personally witness racy stage diving the woman playing the Fender….. she earned a free cd for her efforts, however.



Oh, and Goddess bless the LaGrange Sheriff’s department….


3 Responses

  1. Yay, blogger fun!


  2. am I the only one who carries freshly harvested cotton in her purse?

    who knew?

  3. cough cough prop comic cough..cough

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