TDOR: Mourning, remembering, honoring

Tomorrow, Tuesday, November 20 is the 9th annual Transgender Day of Remembrance.

From Remembering our Dead:

The Transgender Day of Remembrance serves several purposes. It raises public awareness of hate crimes against transgendered people, an action that current media doesn’t perform. Day of Remembrance publicly mourns and honors the lives of our brothers and sisters who might otherwise be forgotten. Through the vigil, we express love and respect for our people in the face of national indifference and hatred. Day of Remembrance reminds non-transgendered people that we are their sons, daughters, parents, friends and lovers. Day of Remembrance gives our allies a chance to step forward with us and stand in vigil, memorializing those of us who’ve died by anti-transgender violence.

What can you do? Blog, visit the blogs that mark the day and drop them some comment, donate to the cause, and if you can,  attend a vigil in your area.

Open your mind and your heart. Remember the past, commit to change the future.

via the Blend: Vigil list

additional DOR resources


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  1. I’m so glad you posted this. Very important bubbie. Have you seen “A Soldier’s Girl?” Ta’die. I will blog about it fah’shoi.

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