They followed me here, I swear

The upside of having to be at work at literally the crack of dawn is there’s more leisure perusal of the intertubes.  The following assortment enhanced my morning java:

 Is it still possible that Firedoglake simply gets better every fucking day?  True today anyway, as Instapuntz genius Blue Texan joins the FDL roster.  Austin  up in the big house, ya’ll!

Amanda reminds us to give thanks for what we have right in front of us: sex is still, and always, good.  Personally speaking, I’ve long adhered to a strict minimum daily intake, a la carte or catered, rain or shine, and I couldn’t agree more, tis a gift to be simple, tis a gift to be free, yada yada yada. Via RH Reality Check:

 Good sex improves your relationship to your body, as well; if your body kindly supplies you with a regular dose of orgasms, your feelings of benevolence towards your body will rise. Sex lifts the spirits and improves creativity, as well. The dirty little secret to curing writer’s block is to get thee to bed with a friend or a toy until the creative juices flow, along with all the others. The stereotype that posits that writers and artists are a little slutty has to be viewed in this light; I like to consider it part of the job.

Hungry? Over, at the mothership, Athenae serves up a generous slice from her new book about the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s 115-year-old student newspaper, The Daily Cardinal.  It has been said before, it will be said again, the woman can write, ya’ll.

Finally, Sinfonian shares with us a holiday anecdote about some shameful fuckery of truly mind-boggling proportions.


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