At the nexus of impermeability and bombastity, terror lies in wait

You know, I’ll be the first to admit I don’t get out as much as I’d like, but  I was completely flummoxed to discover we’ve got a new international terrorist organization of which to be wary.  I thought I was more on top of things than to let something like that slip by.

 Let’s see, I’ve got the name here somewhere, it’s one of those difficult and hard-to-pronounce kind of names …. let’s see if I can sound it out ….

yup, here it is….

the Associated Press?

At long last, prize-winning Associated Press photographer Bilal Hussein may get his day in court. The trouble is, justice won’t be blind in this case — his lawyer will be.

Bilal has been imprisoned by the U.S. military in Iraq since he was picked up April 12, 2006, in Ramadi, a violent town in a turbulent province where few Western journalists dared go. The military claimed then that he had suspicious links to insurgents. This week, Editor & Publisher magazine reported the military has amended that to say he is, in fact, a “terrorist” who had “infiltrated the AP.”

Not one to be swayed by pesky facts and impermeability (wtf?), Pamela calls out these dusky thugs by their formal jihadist name, The Terror-Loving Associated Press. So much more convincing, no?

The coming trial of Bilal Hussein may yet again exhibit why the Associated Press should both avoid Husseins, and should get new management with journalistic integrity instead of journalistic bombastity and self-righteous, self-defensive impermeability to following the facts.

Is bombastity even a word?

Of course, the AP is just part of a larger cabal that includes Editor and Publisher magazine… and the Pulitzer Prize organization.

AP President Tom Curley:

We believe Bilal’s crime was taking photographs the U.S. government did not want its citizens to see. That he was part of a team of AP photographers who had just won a Pulitzer Prize for work in Iraq may have made Bilal even more of a marked man.


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