Keeping track of Huckabee’s lies

Everyone’s read the story about the newly-released documents exposing Huckabee’s role in the early release of a convicted rapist who then went on to rape and murder again. As the spin gets faster and crosstalk clouds the issues, let’s digest the story and distill it down to the core untruths underpinning everything. Here are the five basic lies that the Huckabee campaign and his supporters are working hard to obscure:

Lie #1: There was no way for anyone to predict that the rapist/murderer Dumond would harm anyone again. This is predicated on Lie #2, below.

Lie #2: There were no letters sent to the governor’s office from any rape victims. They’ve already budged on #2, which calls #1 into doubt. However….

Lie #3: Huckabee’s receipt of the letters is irrelevant because the decision to release Dumond was made by the parole board, not Huckabee, despite:

Lie #4: The four parole board members who have gone on record contradicting Lie #3 are themselves lying, plus:

Lie #5: Huckabee’s predecessors Jim Guy Tucker and Bill Clinton were actually responsible for Dumond’s release.


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