inside my bones the distance


B. Northcut

I know
inside my bones
the distance,
an arm’s length.
You need not
measure it out
for me
with one-sentence

Your glances
at what I once
gave you
also measure,
speak longer.
What before
you tasted,
now only your
eyes know.

© all rights reserved

5 Responses

  1. Wow! Nice Stuff! A superbly written poem with deep transcendental quality. Poem possesses voice, tone and imagery. Indeed, poem sings with resonance. Poem is like a schooner sailing free and crashing against the ocean waves.Please stop by to read some of my poetry at the following URL: Stay focus on God, and let Him be your inspiration.

  2. Ooo, nice.

  3. I really liked it.


  4. that’s a beautiful poem. it’s deep and sorrowful. the picture is stunning.

    ps: are you breaking up with me? ya don’t cawl. ya don’t write. what am I? chopped livah. just kidding.

    hope you are grand, diva.

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