It’s on….

Scout sez:

Not to start a video war or anything…..

Wouldn’t want to do that:

5 Responses

  1. damn…straight for the throat!!!

  2. hey, I’m surprisingly scrappy albeit a total spaz. Not much in the way of a war, though, and I totally lost. There is no way to defeat the WMD ofChristmas means fisting to me

  3. well, I hadn’t watched Scout’s fisting song when I watched your wimpy little robert earl kink thing…

    you were totally kicked to the curb…



  4. Now, there’s no need for cruelty.

    I’m not that much of a bottom….

    and besides, who could have imagined she had it in her….?

  5. […] naysaying homies (conspicuous in their non-participation) may have stated in the the comments below, it was, as they say, “just a flesh […]

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