War is Over: peace offering

Actually, I just looked this one up to refute Adrastos’ comment in Scout’s thread (re the Bing/Bowie chestnut): “Any version of Little Drummer Boy is appalling but this is one of the worst.”  Oh really? “Any version?” I think the vid below speaks for itself on that point.

But, in the spirit of the season and all that shit, peace to all and to all good night, especially to Scout who started all this warmongering, and Suspect Device who slaughtered us all inhumanely.

Bitch knows how to rock a muff, ya’ll:


2 Responses

  1. It’s good to see big muffs are back.

    At the 1:10 mark where there is a spirited musical “transition”, the contents of my bowels evacuated.

  2. Those wise “men” do rock

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