Embarassments R us

PZ Myers has been following, here and here, the Institute for Creation Research‘s attempts (which have, alarmingly, been mostly successful) at getting legitimate state accreditation from the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB).

I’m with PZ, and the Texas Citizens for Science — this is appalling, ghastly stuff. Especially coming as it does on the heels of the recent capricious shitcanning of Texas Education Agency (TEA) Science Director Chris Comer.

I work in higher education at a state university in Central Texas and it’s mind-boggling to me that, not only would THECB consider accreditation of ICR, but that representatives from both the Texas A&M and University of Texas systems would issue a site report that concluded:

“It is fair to say that the education, experience, and characteristics of the ICR faculty in higher education are such that one may reasonably conclude that students will receive an education consistent with the objectives of the proposed master’s degree from ICR.”

Just so we’re clear, this is the state coordinating board and the two (arguably) pre-eminent Texas universities, folks.



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