Pick a poll, any poll

I’m liking this one:  says Edwards is leading in Iowa.


Even though this one contradicts it.

Who the hell really knows?

The latest Washington Post/ABC News poll from Iowa contradicts the poll last night that showed John Edwards regaining his lead in Iowa. It may also show the tremendous difficulty in trying to poll in advance of a caucus since it is hard to determine who is likely to participate.

This poll shows Sen. Barack Obama leading the Democratic field with 33%, followed by Sen. Hillary Clinton at 29%, Edwards at 20% and Gov. Bill Richardson at 8%.

Key finding: “Each of the leading contenders appears to enjoy distinct advantages. More of Obama’s backers said they are certain to participate than did those who have gotten behind Clinton. But Clinton’s supporters are the most committed and enthusiastic, and Edwards counts among his supporters experienced caucus attendees who are more likely to turn out again.”


2 Responses

  1. I really hope Hil runs. I want her to win. I want a woman in office, and we get two for the price of one. I’m a bill fan. I wonder who would run with her as veep. thoughts?

  2. heh

    Hillary’s my nightmare candidate. I don’t want to think about it.

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