Government Cheese Fondue

Record of The Year? Lotsa people think so…..

I have, of late, listened to this song a lot on the way to work.

I spend a fair amount of time driving straight into the sun, on the way to work and on the way home.

And yes, I may in fact, just post music videos for a day or two.

Or clips from The Wire.

Or hour-long videos of my parrot watching Opera Day on Sesame Street. (parrotgasm)

You. Don’t. Know.

As of 1 hr and 29 min ago, I am on my HardworkingTaxpayerPaidTwoWeekXmasExtravaganza.

Bring on the coke and whores.

As I have shared in various forumii, a certain blogger’s conservative elder sibling believes said blogger’s state benefits (technorati tags: Cratchit, lump, coal, Twist, gruel) are directly responsible for taking food out of her child’s mouth (said child drives an SUV and is in college) and putting her and her husband’s retirement in jeopardy. Blogger’s two-week break at Christmas? Cutting in line at the express lane to pay for my steak and Kools with food stamps.

In other news, observant readers may note that this humble little outpost of a blog is nearing a milepost.

Funkiness ensues.


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  1. […] costume has to say Posted on December 29, 2007 by virgotex On the back end of the Xmas Xtravaganza here. While I am accomplishing some long-delayed organizational tasks and setting up the new blog, […]

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