Poetry blogging: anywhere I went I could sleep


Stars Inn
B Northcut


of fragile potential

for the word

for the law

for the lawn mower repair

on this afternoon’s carport

they come here to die a little

greasy sacrament

incense of stale exhalations

stare at the pool outside

“a view of the ocean”

he chuckles,



she stirs her coffee

and takes herself

out the narrow window


“us in it for as much as this we are a fucked-up buncha people”

the match book

the taste of coffee

the way you looked at me last night

another glorious excuse for a failure

and a circus story of a life on the move

to boot


at least I wasn’t scared

anywhere I went I could sleep

and sleep good

no matter

it’s all that we have

that’s faith don’t ya know

that instant

before we lay it all down

that’s all

that big minute

Copyright, 1991
Cafe Armageddon Press


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