Shorter Maddow to Matthews: Dude, you are a tool

As usual, the Crack Van was raucous good fun and this really was one of the top highlights of the night. Tweety has behaved disgracefully, even more than usual, of late with regard to Clinton and Rachel called him on it tonight.

Rachel Maddow just relayed to Chris Matthews’ face that many in the blogosphere (she cited Talking Points Memo specifically) are blaming HIM and his misogyny as the reason undecideds broke late for Clinton. Matthews laughed it off, but there was some real bitterness there.

And yeah, Clinton pulled off an amazing upset.  She’s not my first choice but she sure looked like a winner tonight.  It really promises to be an interesting primary season, especially given that the Dems are turning out in such huge numbers, compared to Rethuglicans.


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