Friday multi-species household blogging

Cat outside meowing, CHECK

2nd cat, inside, meowing, CHECK

Dog glurping from nearby water bowl, CHECK

Dog snuffling wet nose in my face, CHECK

Parrot loudly riffing, CHECK

More dog glurping, CHECK.   Mmmmm, water

I love how Alfie can see me, but goes to the other door as if there’s someone he’s never met that just might live here and will let him in, since I’ve obviously lost my mind

5 Responses

  1. He’s all: I CAN HAZ?


  2. Kitty torture!


  3. He’s like “lemme in! I gotta go toy toy!!!”
    Nice menagerie!

  4. 2 cats, one older, one younger
    2 dogs, one older, one younger
    1 parrot, smarter than all of us

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