Of a feather

I have a confession to make.

I’ve started using Flock full time instead of Firefox.

Even at work.


Whether this says more about me or about Flock, I don’t know or care. And not that anyone else gives much of a crap what browser I use. It’s interesting to me, surprising even, because I tend to be fairly loyal once I find a tool that works. However, loyalty often is just another word for entrenchment and I’ve been trying (it’s been difficult) to get serious about productivity and efficiency, mostly for my own sake, to enhance my own experience, to waste less of my own time.

Give all that, plus the more photos I upload and use online, the more bouncing between updates on two blogs, the more reliance on RSS feeds, and yeah, I admit, the more I play on Facebook, using Flock makes more sense than before. Also, I find Flock is much better than it used to be. I’ve tried it off and on for a couple of years and was burned enough to drop it before I ever got attached. It’s still not all the way there, but after a month or so of side-by-side use with Firefox, I like what I see enough to commit. Flock 1.1, out in a few weeks, will bring webmail support and make it just that much better.

Yes, it’s Firefox/Mozilla that’s under the hood, and yes, I probably could do most of what I need in Firefox with the right extensions, but frankly, just using Flock is easier than that.


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