The Mystery of the Republican Plagiarist


Big happenings over at this a.m. It appears that detective Nancy (who is, btw, one of the crew over at NuPac) has reeled in a big ol’ plagiarist. A really big one, with some seemingly impressive bona fides:

My, my, my. Tim Goeglein, director of the White House office of public liaison, is a plagiarist.

Not an accidental or delicate one, either.

Without even breaking a sweat, sleuthy Nancy has discovered that Goeglein, in his regular column for the Ft. Wayne News-Sentinel, ham-fistedly lifted portions of a 1998 essay, “What is a College Education?” by Jeffrey Hart, originally published in the Dartmouth Review.

My, my, my, indeed, Nance. This should be very interesting…

h/t to the esteemed Dr. Morris


The News-Sentinel has pulled down Goeglin’s column:

Tim Goeglein, former Fort Wayne resident and now a special assistant to President George Bush, has been accused of plagiarism over a guest column about education that we carried on our editorial page on Thursday. While we look into the matter, we have taken the column down from our Web site. We are also checking out previous guest columns of Mr. Goeglien’s that we published. We will promptly report what we find.

Also, erstwhile Atriot The Kenosha Kid has uncovered a bit more of Goeglin’s “borrowing.” From the WaPo, no less. Damn, it seems the dude doesn’t even try to hide his tracks.

UPDATED again, to add:  Be sure and read all the comments over at Nancy’s.  The story’s definitely got legs, and it’s gettin’ weirder and weirder.

Friday video jukebox: showered and blue-blazered

The National, Mistaken for Strangers

Dude … Obama took my parking space…

I didn’t get tickets to Obama’s rally in San Marcos last night but it was a huge event. I had an appt. in Austin and had to leave early because the parking and traffic situation was already approaching crazy, five hours before he was even due to speak. I walked through Sewell Park this a.m. on my way into the office, and it was the usual scenic spot, turtles swimming, herons fishing, the river rippling by. It was odd knowing there had been thousands of people crowded into this spot just a few hours before.

What Digby (and everyone else) says:

Gasbag Tim Russert did not facilitate or illuminate anything in last night’s debate. All he (and Williams) did was get in the way, shill, and take time away from substantive debate.


Nope, Sen. Cornyn, I’m still single


FYI to Texas Senator John Cornyn, I am a gay person, more specifically a lesbian. Also FYI, there was a very handsome box turtle in my yard for several days this week. Thirdly, be aware that during that entire time, neither myself or the box turtle were moved to set up housekeeping with each other. Not in the slightest.

In the interest of full disclosure, I must also reveal that the turtle suffered an untimely demise today, my at-risk-youth dog being the likely culprit (after three days of completely ignoring our guest). However, even if the turtle had stayed on indefinitely, I am fairly certain that, at best, we would have remained mere acquaintances.

Note also that I’m voting for Rick Noriega.

Saturday night


Barbara Jordan video!

Big Virgo thanks to commenter Rich for the link  to the AVoice:  Women of the Congressional Black Caucus site, which has video files of Barbara Jordan’s speech at the 1974  Nixon impeachment hearings and her keynote speech at the 1976 Democratic National Convention. Files are in Real Video format.

Friday psittacine blogging: shadows and light



I’m tempted to (but I won’t) send this to the ex, who was famous for saying that I was the one who looked butch but she (who did not look so) was the one who was

S. Bear Bergman, who, as they say, owes me a keyboard

(via Sugarbutch Chronicles )

Don’t you feel like voting? I know that you do

While early voting has indeed begun here in my home state, that’s not what I’m talking about here.  No, today I’m urging you to go cast your vote for Lesbian Blog of the Year over at The Lesbian Lifestyle blog.

The top 5 finalists are:


Regular readers of this blog can easily deduce who’s getting my endorsement.  Especially with this latebreaking news of what will might happen if when she wins:

P.S. Since I am among sisters here, I won’t get my knickers in a wad about whipping up votes, etc. It’s already an honor and a thrill. I will, however, promise threaten to post my senior high school photo — femmed to the teeth, I’m afraid — if I actually get voted into first place. Har! Which says more about the confidence I have that I won’t actually draw the most votes than it does about my comfort splashing images of myself in femme drag all across the World Wide Internet.

That said, all five of these contenders are worthy of your votes, and even more, of your readership and bookmarks.  As is TLL herself, all spiffed up with a new redesign.