One big love


When I started this little backporch blog a year ago, my motives were fairly self-serving. I wanted a place to express myself and feature items that were of interest to me. In addition, however, I wanted to be part of a community of like-minded people, to maximize my small efforts by lending one more tiny voice to the flock, school, herd, (insert aggregate of your choice) of progressive liberals, queers, and assorted other irreverent eccentrics, thereby increasing the visibility/viability of the whole.

That’s pretty much what happened, too — and that experience was much richer than I had ever imagined. This humble little outpost led in turn to Got That New Package, a much higher-profile shindig, thanks in large part to my brilliant blogging partners over there and the audiences they brought from their respective blogs.

I’ve had a great time, met some wonderful friends, and maybe even did something worthwhile here and there. For that, I owe big thanks to the bloggers upstream and down that linked here via posts and blogrolls, especially the generous Jon Swift and skippy the bush kangaroo (aka “Father of Blogtopia“). Check out their Blogroll Amnesty Day posts and links therein — and show some love to the smaller bloggers you haven’t yet met.

As for my expressing my own b.a.d. “progressive infrastructure amenability”…. well, it’s hard to find blogs smaller than this one, so I’m just linking to a few of my other sub-consonant neighbors:

all the way from oy to vey


Bluebonnets and Buffalo Grass






Sunday morning coming down video: Whore out your children, this is America!

Arcade Fire‘s Building Downtown (AntiChrist Television Blues), about the man that said of his child, “She’s got double D’s. You can’t cover those suckers up!”

Saucy Sunday morning search string

susie bright+sophia loren”

How ’bout them apples, Eli?