Thursday, February 14: Something Borrowed

One of the most persistent early memories I have is a photographic snippet of sitting between my parents on a brightly upholstered couch in our cramped hometown library, the three of us comparing our books before we check out. My age isn’t certain. It definitely reads as pre-school though I’m verbal and locomoting independently, picking out my own books by myself, probably in the range of four to five years old.

It’s somewhat of an oddity because it involves both parents at the same time, in a setting external to our shabby old house, and it’s cozy and happy. That’s probably why I’ve held onto it. My early family life was far from awful but neither was it routinely as warm and fuzzy as this memory, everybody happy at the same time, united in a shared activity. I was an exceptionally solitary child. I had only one sibling, ten years older than me. The two of us and both parents were all our own separate islands. Four solitary people, most comfortable left to ourselves, in our own heads, we were usually occupied with our own concerns and activities.

One of those was reading. I wasn’t one of those kids that learned to read at some extraordinarily early age, but this memory isn’t the only one that involves books. They were always there, even before I could read myself. My mother used me as an excuse to re-read and re-experience books she had enjoyed before, some of which weren’t ‘regular’ kids books. I remember especially listening to her read Mark Twain and Charles Dickens to me at bedtime, and not that abridged Disney shit, either. Probably as a result of that, when I did start reading on my own, I was drawn to what I called “the real books,” as opposed to the standard illustration-heavy kiddie fare. I remember this especially because my parents had to sign a form at the library that allowed me to check out “grown up” material. The real books.

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Freedom to Marry Week

I suck at multi-tasking, so I’ve been remiss about quite a few topics lately, probably none more deserving than Freedom to Marry Week:


This week marks the 11th annual Freedom to Marry Week, February 10-16, and the number of events scheduled across the country for marriage equality continues to grow with over 100 already planned in 21 different states. It’s not too late! Join in the celebration and plan your event or simply start a conversation today about the need to end the exclusion of same-sex couples and their families from marriage.

Fortunately, other bloggers have been on the job. Good neighor Robin over at The Other Mother has been hosting a highly creative blog carnival to mark the week. The theme is Some/thing, as in “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.”

Participant posts are linked here. I bid you: GO READ and/or PARTICIPATE!

Yo! Outta tha way! I’m walkin’ here!

A milestone for the Li’l Peanut.

Get hoppin’, kiddo! Shenanigans await.