I’m tempted to (but I won’t) send this to the ex, who was famous for saying that I was the one who looked butch but she (who did not look so) was the one who was

S. Bear Bergman, who, as they say, owes me a keyboard

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Don’t you feel like voting? I know that you do

While early voting has indeed begun here in my home state, that’s not what I’m talking about here.  No, today I’m urging you to go cast your vote for Lesbian Blog of the Year over at The Lesbian Lifestyle blog.

The top 5 finalists are:


Regular readers of this blog can easily deduce who’s getting my endorsement.  Especially with this latebreaking news of what will might happen if when she wins:

P.S. Since I am among sisters here, I won’t get my knickers in a wad about whipping up votes, etc. It’s already an honor and a thrill. I will, however, promise threaten to post my senior high school photo — femmed to the teeth, I’m afraid — if I actually get voted into first place. Har! Which says more about the confidence I have that I won’t actually draw the most votes than it does about my comfort splashing images of myself in femme drag all across the World Wide Internet.

That said, all five of these contenders are worthy of your votes, and even more, of your readership and bookmarks.  As is TLL herself, all spiffed up with a new redesign.

All us mortals struggle so

For Spocko. Peace. LLAP.