Barbara Jordan video!

Big Virgo thanks to commenter Rich for the link  to the AVoice:  Women of the Congressional Black Caucus site, which has video files of Barbara Jordan’s speech at the 1974  Nixon impeachment hearings and her keynote speech at the 1976 Democratic National Convention. Files are in Real Video format.

5 Responses

  1. Dear barbara Jordon

    Iwant to do an report on you and i need imformation. can you help

  2. she’s dead sweetie. bil clinton was actually gonna nominate her for the supreme court but she was already too ill

  3. Were the video? I cant find it… It said Barbra Jordan VIDEO! You guys are RETARTED! I hate you! I need a report but you guys dony have ANY INFO! IT SAID VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HATE YOU SOOOOOO MUCH GOD DAM!!!!!

  4. information about your self in your own words

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