Nope, Sen. Cornyn, I’m still single


FYI to Texas Senator John Cornyn, I am a gay person, more specifically a lesbian. Also FYI, there was a very handsome box turtle in my yard for several days this week. Thirdly, be aware that during that entire time, neither myself or the box turtle were moved to set up housekeeping with each other. Not in the slightest.

In the interest of full disclosure, I must also reveal that the turtle suffered an untimely demise today, my at-risk-youth dog being the likely culprit (after three days of completely ignoring our guest). However, even if the turtle had stayed on indefinitely, I am fairly certain that, at best, we would have remained mere acquaintances.

Note also that I’m voting for Rick Noriega.


3 Responses

  1. the box turtle SAID she would call me back, but NO, she goes to YOUR house…

  2. some of us get flight attendants, some of us get dead box turtles…

    very much in keeping with my karmic lot of late

  3. Well,the bar for gay box turtles in Houston had too many Republican types in it, so I went to Chances instead. It was much nicer now that there is a no smoking thing.

    I wound up helping the flight attendant’s drunk friend into her car. Went through the usual “are you going to throw up?” ritual with the friend, and luckily we had a vomit free moment.

    Through all this, I managed to get a phone number.

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