Village democracy

I waited to vote till last night because I wanted to caucus. I drove home from work and arrived in Wimberley about 6:15 to find traffic backed up through the town square. Coming out of the square and over the bridge, this was the view:

A line of cars waiting to turn into the community center parking lot. This was just for the Democratic primary. (The Rs voted in a church…what a surprise, huh?)


I waited in line to vote about a half hour, and there were still tons of folks in line at 7 pm. In addition, we discovered we had a drama on our hands: the largest of the three precincts, 337, had to use the main hall of the community center to convene but the Wimberley Lions Club was meeting in it and wouldn’t give it up at 7. Assholes!

So, there was a lot of milling around, inside and out, till about 7:45. There was also, luckily, lots of pizza and coffee. I had bad luck getting any good pictures.


We got in the room and got called to order just before 8. I’m lousy at counting crowds but it looked like somewhere between 200 and 300 people crowded into the big room. Everyone agreed that the Hillary voters would sign in on one side and the Barack voters would sign on the other, for ease of counting the sign-in sheets. It quickly became evident that Obama voters outnumbered Clinton. At least 3/4 of us were on the Obama side.

I left after signing in, got home close to 9p, and hung out in the First Draft Crack van for a few hours.

UPDATE: Racymind’s posted a good roundup from all over.

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