Friday night jukebox: you believe it can’t come true but you want it with all of your heart

I had the privilege of hearing this song live quite a few times. John C. and I were working at the same place when he was putting Pop Beloved together. This was my favorite cut on the album but I didn’t really relate to it personally at the time. The ex and I had just gotten together, it seemed like the world was wide open and full of wonderful synchronicity.

I still love the song, even though it means something completely different. I relate to it now.

(And for the record, I’m still pretty fond of the world.)

Last of the package


Now that The Wire‘s over, Got that New Package is also grinding to a halt. It will stay up and anyone can still post if the spirit moves them or there’s Wire news, but day-to-day operation are pretty much over.

I have to say that the posting the last week has been outstanding. I’m still in awe of just how good my fellow NuPaccers are. Deep thanks and kudos on a job well done to Nancy, Athenae, Racy, Ray, and Ashley. Everyone loved the show and they all wrote their hearts out.

Now that I’m down to just one blog, posting here at virgotext should pick up considerably, or at least noticeably …